TTL (Time To Live) and DNS delegation

DNS TTL (Time To Live)

The minimum time-to-live value for cached records on a secondary server. The value is set in the format Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds.

When this value is reached, the secondary server expires the associated record and discards it.

The next request for the record will need to be sent to the primary server for resolution.

Set the minimum TTL to a relatively high value, such as 24 hours, to reduce traffic on the network and increase efficiency.

However, keep in mind that a higher value slows down the propagation of updates through the Internet.

DNS delegation

With the DNS being set up correctly, the only remaining step is to have the registrar point the domain's whois record to our nameservers.

This would be done slightly differently depending on whether you are listing your primary nameserver or running an unpublished primary.

If your primary nameserver is to be included on the whois record, you will need to provide the hostname you want to use for the nameserver, and the IP at which it resides to the registrar so they can create the appropriate records allowing it to function as a nameserver.

If not, all you have to do now is have the registrar delegate the domain to the appropriate nameservers.

Below is a list of our default values in seconds:

  • Refresh = 7200
  • Retry = 3600
  • Expire = 604800
  • ttl = 86400

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