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    [OFFER: Free PROsecure™ for 3 months, which includes Threat Monitoring and Threat Response for up to 5 servers, and DDoSX and WAF for up to 5 Domains, for each Customer]* Subject to applicable UKFast standard terms and conditions see: ukfast terms & conditions and applicable product terms at ukfast product terms


    In these terms and conditions of business the following words shall have the following meanings:

    Customer:  an individual or business who signs a Managed Hosting Agreement with UKFast;

    Domain: up to 5 chosen domains that the Customer has chosen to use in conjunction with this offer;

    DDoSX®: the name of the DDoS protection product from UKFast which is to be used with this offer;

    eCloud Hybrid: the name of the product from UKFast, details of which are set out at https://www.ukfast.co.uk/hybrid-cloud-definition.html;

    eCloud Private: the name of the product from UKFast, details of which are set out at https://www.ukfast.co.uk/private-cloud-computing.html;

    eCloud Public: the name of the product from UKFast, details of which are set out at https://www.ukfast.co.uk/ecloud-public.htmleCloud Hybrid:

    Managed Hosting Agreement: a contract for the provision of either one or more dedicated physical servers, or an eCloud Public, eCloud Private or eCloud Hybrid solution, on a managed services basis with UKFast;

    Network: the infrastructure which these collective group of UKFast products; PROsecure™ are associated with;

    Platform: the collective group of products, respectively; PROsecure (including Threat Monitoring, Threat Response, DDoSX and WAF)

    PROsecure™: the package including the Threat Monitoring, Threat Response, DDoSX and WAF products from UKFast which is to be used in conjunction with this offer;

    SafeDNS: the Domain Name System (DNS) management platform from UKFast which then allows use of the Platform;

    Server: either a dedicated physical server or an eCloud Public, eCloud Private or eCloud Hybrid Virtual Machine (VM) provided by UKFast on a managed service basis, specifically excluding customer-provided servers, customer-owned servers, and servers provided by any other service provider;

    Threat Monitoring: the name of the product from UKFast, details of which are set out at https://www.ukfast.co.uk/product-terms/threat-monitoring.html;

    Threat Response:  the name of the product from UKFast, details of which are set out at https://www.ukfast.co.uk/product-terms/threat-response.html;

    UKFast: UKFast.Net Limited, registered in England and Wales, company registration number 03845616, registered office UKFast Campus, Birley Fields, Manchester M15 5QJ;

    WAF: the Web Application Firewall (WAF) which is the WAF product from UKFast which is to be used with this offer;

    Virtual Machine: an operating system or application environment that is installed on software, which imitates dedicated hardware.

    OFFER This offer allows the Customer to install Threat Monitoring and Threat Response on up to 5 Servers, and to register up to 5 Domains on the DDoSX Platform for DDoS protection and WAF. This offer is only available to those who sign to a minimum 15 month contract term on the Managed Hosting Agreement. The Customer must register for a MyUKFast account and complete an order form at which point the Customer's Server will be processed. Credits for a period of 3 months for Managed Hosting Agreement will be added into the Customer's account once PROsecureTM goes live. The Managed Hosting Agreement will not end automatically but alternatively billing will commence after the 3 month period at the cost stated at the time of the end of the 3 month free period. The Customer must ensure the 5 Domains they wish to enable this offer with are on the UKFast SafeDNS platform to enable access to the Network. Please read these terms & conditions carefully.

    • All offers and promotions are subject to availability.
    • This offer applies only to all customers with Managed Hosting Agreements signed with UKFast and is valid from 9th July 2018 to 31st August 2018 (inclusive). All Customers who sign up outside of these dates will not be eligible for this offer.
    • UKFast reserves the right to amend or withdraw any offer under this promotion without prior notice or reason at any time during the promotion period which shall end on 31st August 2018.
    • This offer may not be re-sold or re-packaged and applies only to Customers.
    • Any costs, products or services not specifically included within the offer or promotion undertaken are excluded from the promotion or offer and therefore incur the standard costs as per the UKFast price list.
    • Any additional terms agreed with UKFast must be detailed in writing in the UKFast Contract at the point of contracting the service(s).
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