The DNS server control panel enables you to:

  • Host an unlimited number of domains
  • Carry out unlimited updates
  • Change MX, A and C-name records
  • Change Txt records
  • Start making changes within 15 minutes

Easy to use domain management system

Manage your dns (domain name server) with the safeDNS easy to use control panel. Giving you the freedom to completely control what you host and where on the Internet.

The only words to describe the importance of DNS is mission critical. If you want potential customers to find your website then you need to make sure you DNS settings are always correct. The more reliable your DNS is, the more likely your website is going to be available.

Through client demand and thanks to safedns' creators experience of operating 1000's of servers, they have created a fault tolerant system for DNS management that is highly secure and easy to use.

The user interface is secure, easy to use and provides complete control over your domain. We support all the major DNS record types. Modifications to your DNS records can be done using any web browser, regardless of your platform or operating system.

You choose simply whether you require the branded or unbranded DNS hosting solution.

For a limited time only we are offering this amazing product for just £8 per month* take control and start managing your DNS today.

*Pricing from £8 per month is for a limited time only and is only applicable when purchased online at

Top 10 reasons to buy safeDNS

  1. Unlimited DNS hosting
  2. Easy to use web based control panel
  3. Control A, MX and CNAME records
  4. Supports Round Robin DNS
  5. Support for SPF TXT records
  6. Created by the UKs Best Hosting Provider
  7. Dedicated support 24/7
  8. Hosting on a self healing Network
  9. 100% UK based facilities
  10. Service starts from just £8.00 p.m
  • Although changing over 100 sites over to the SafeDNS system took time we now have the reliability that we wanted; plus a very usable control panel, and so far 100% reliability. I would highly recommend both SafeDNS and UKFast.

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